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Core Clearing

Regain your balance

Experience Core Clearing - discover and clear the blocks that are holding you back so you can connect to your authentic self and move forward in life!

Core Clearing is a wonderful technique that will break your entrenched patterns that prevent you from responding to your life with love.

You will learn to overcome triggers, drop the story, and free yourself from old baggage that has tied you in knots. Become uniquely you through the intelligence of your own breath.

This revolutionary Core Clearing process which uses your heart intelligence and breathing to journey down through the layers of emotion into the love and wisdom that is ever-present at the core of your being. 

It is a quick, gentle and powerful method which allows you to clear emotional blockages, access your authentic self and reconnect you to your passion.

Core Clearing is effective in releasing tension, anxiety, stress, grief and allows you to release self-destructive behaviours. It helps you feel more present, connected and frees you to move forward.

  • Do feel anxious, burnout or overwhelmed?

  • Are you feeling stuck and frustrated at not getting ahead?

  • Are you nagged by a persistent issue that just won’t go away?

  • Is there someone who just gets under your skin?

  • Feeling mentally fatigued, cloudy or confused?

  • Is your mind racing or keeping you awake at night?

  • Are you haunted by guilt or shame from a past event?

  • Are you suffering from loss: a broken heart, a business failure, the death of a loved one?

  • Is your spiritual practice not manifesting the life you want?

A Core Clearing session can help provide a new perspective and the way forward! 

A session is 60 minutes in duration and can even be done on the phone.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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