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Feel it to heal it

Breathwork is a great way of making permanent changes in your life. Working more deeply than a COre Clearing session, Breath work uses a special brething technique to faciltate amazing heart opening and helps you to connect to who you are.


Breath work allows us to connect and release emotional blocks safely and gently.  It allows the release of the feelings and emotions underlying problems in our lives.

Through this healing process, people have pivotal insights into their life, and experience deep feelings of peace, love and freedom.

Breathwork can help you to:

•     Find inner peace, happiness and harmony

•     Gain self-love and self-worth

•     Understand your patterning and your shadow

•     Gain enthusiasm and freedom

•     Connect and create loving relationships

•     Get clearer direction in your life

•     Take back control of your life

•     Enhance well-being and vitality

•     Gain energy to live your life fully

 A Breathwork session is 2 hours in duration and conducted in the privacy of Mary's studio in Barwon Heads. 


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

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